5 Benefits for Corporate Events

January 21, 2019

BY Shala Nettles

Sometimes planning a corporate event or party doesn’t come easy! Whether a trade show, convention, product launch, business dinner, holiday or special occasion, it can be difficult to find ways to not only reach a common goal, but also maximize engagement opportunities. Thus, finding the right entertainment, like The Mirror Photo Booth, is important.

Mirror Photo Booth Who?

The Mirror Photo Booth is a unique photo-generating full-length mirror that can take picture taking to a whole new level. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and an engaging, user-friendly interface that can communicate with its’ user. The photo booth is a top event and brand activation product for the modern millennial audience. Therefore, it can be a dynamic edition to any corporate function for any industry-related event, no matter the size or intended purpose.

Five Ways The Mirror Photo Booth Can Be Beneficial

Using this product can be advantageous to not just its’ users, but to the company, organization or event planner that chooses to make this mirror apart of their event.

Corporate Branding

• It can provide customized photo templates and start screen. There are also options to utilize a multi-preset function where guests can have multiple template options to choose from. This function can hold over 100 template options.
• Customized side paneling can be used for the photo booth frame. Paneling can include the company logo, brand, or other company designs.
• Customized backdrops, props or set design can be provided. The Mirror Photo Booth also has green screen capabilities to receive digital files for desired photo background if the pillow case backdrop isn’t wanted.

Cutting Edge Technology

• The mirror can communicate with guests through a sequence of colorful neon touch-screen animations with entertaining voice and gesture guidance. Other features include touch screen photo signing, video/audio recording and colorful photo countdown templates.
• The photo booth has regular software updates to stay current with the latest innovative technology trends.
• App generation and organizational features can be used or customized to your event or company party (i.e. seating charts, guest books, and more).

Database Sharing

• Data leads, or user contact information, can be sent via Excel spreadsheet or other applications to your company or organization.
• It can be extremely useful at large trade or auto shows, events, expo booths, or conventions where high volumes of traffic are common.
• There are opportunities for future marketing tactics.

Enhancing The Guest Experience

• The Mirror Photo Booth can provide instant social sharing options to users.
• Professional attendant(s) will be present at the mirror to help assist users with mirror if necessary.
• Users can receive unlimited prints.
• This booth has user-friendly interface technology for ease of use.

Virtual Advertising

• The Mirror Photo Booth provides photos that contain company brand design, logo, customized templates, and/or backdrops.
• It can increase consumer engagement on company or organization online and social media platforms.
• This product helps generates word or mouth, free publicity, digital marketing, or public relations’ opportunities at the event and for future events.

The Mirror Photo Booth merges fun and engagement. This product provides an outlet where planning can be made simple when finding entertainment for your event