Case Study

February 20, 2019

By Shala Nettles/Michelle Sheffield

Night to Shine Case Study

The Tim Tebow Foundation is dedicated in bringing love to all people through God’s ministry. As a result, one program that this foundation is proud to sponsor is “A Night to Shine.”
On one night 655 churches from around the world come together to host this amazing prom experience for people with special needs, ages 14 and older. This event garners the support of 200,000 volunteers and approximately 100,000 honored guests. The prom took place on February 8, 2019
On February 8, 2019, First Presbyterian & Crossroads Churches in Douglasville Ga. hosted one of these prom. There were approximately 150 Kings and Queens, their parents and buddies. At the prom, every guest of A Night to Shine is met with the red-carpet treatment and friendly paparazzi upon arrival. To add, guest receive amenities like limousine rides, hair and makeup station, shoe shines, dinner, a Respite Room for parents and caretakers, as well as dresses and tuxedo/suits. A MJ Production Touch Imaging Booth partner up with First Presbyterian & Crossroads Churches to bring their mirror photo booth to the event.

A MJ Production has to be readily adaptable in order to make accommodations to assist those with special needs or disabilities in order for them to use the mirror and have access to the mirror features and capabilities. This could increase the picture taking process per guest and decrease the number of photos taken collectively. To, also ensure a safety transition.

Mirror Photo Booth:
A unique twist to the photo booth experience. The full length mirror gives guest full access to the interactive touch screen. Allowing guest with special needs such as wheelchairs a chance to enjoy the picture taking experience. With the help of our attendant and buddies each guest receive a photo to mark the memorable Night to Shine event.

The Mirror Photo experience gave guest the red-carpet experience with full service from custom backdrop, props as well as custom template and start screen.

The Mirror Photo, offer custom logos, branding company name. Giving that added touch to the event. Capturing all aspect of the event. Full range of texting, email and sharing your event.

Key elements of the Mirror Photo Booth
• Custom Start Screen
• Overlay
• Animation
• Prints
• Email
• Texting
• Social share
• Beauty Features
• Games
And loads of fun! 

The Mirror Photo Booth offer a data analytic technology
o GDPR compliant
o Digital content
o Data analytics
o Facebook Instagram social share

A MJ Production was able to take 256 photos of guest and their buddies (assigned monitor to guests). This doubled the average amount of photos taken for an average event by 100%. Furthermore, this provided more opportunities to bring awareness about the prom and the Tim Tebow Foundation on social media since we provide social media sharing with the mirror. Database Retention and sharing can also be used to garner volunteers for future events

Additionally, A MJ Production made sure to have more than one professional attendant. This helped A MJ act as buddies to those who need additional assistance. A MJ Production staff worked in collaborative effort to make sure guest were able to adjust to lighting from flash as well as sound from mirror. Make sure that every guest would have an interactive experience was a key factor with ensuring each guest could take a photo. This represents how we care about the service we provide to our customers and also honors the foundation’s mission to love all others.