Corporate Event

October 26, 2018

BY Michelle Sheffield

Tis the season for giving the gift of branding. Take your event to the next level.

Are you looking for a unique twist to your corporate holiday event?

What are some fun things that  you are doing?

Are you looking to wow your clients, guest and friend?

Touch Imaging Mirror booth has five top tips to help your event stand out.

1. Create a budget

As always budgets are a must, make sure you are providing the bang for your bucks. Focus on what is going to bring more people to your event by having interactive activities for the event. Again, you want to Wow everyone. But, doing it within budget.


2. Planning and promoting your event

     Start your planning now, it typical takes two months to plan an event. Holidays are for family and friends plan your event a week before the holiday this will ensure that everyone can make the party.

Start promoting by giving clues and prizes leading up to the grand prize. Send out newsletter letting everyone know what they will be in store for. And get a great team to help with the planning.

3. Create a theme

    Creating a theme can be challenging, do you go with the traditional holiday theme or do you go unique maybe The ELF, the UGLY Sweater, or maybe the GRINCH, what every you choose make sure it continues through out the event. Allow Touch Imaging Booth to help brand your event. You want your guest to come back next year so lets give them what the want. 

4. Bring the entertainment

   Either band or DJ the party has to keep going! You have the opportunity  to maximize your guest entertainment. They want to be engaged, with conversation starter and laughter.  Imaging them walking away with the memories of the night with a photo of how much fun they had.

5. HAVE FUN!! FUN!!! FUN!!!  

  The Touch Imaging Mirror Booth is the latest technology photo booth. The newest trend for the millennial from selfies to social media share, your guest will leave the event known that the company went all out.