Three ways to grow your business

April 11, 2019

Michelle Sheffield

In todays market the best type of content is through social media. Marketers and advertiser are prepared to spend 50% of their budget into mobile ads.

More then 96% of America use mobile search. ( Jody Nimetzo com 2018)

More then 46% of America will check their smartphones before going to bed. (Tech Time 2017)

Over 51% of smartphone user have discovered a new company of products while conducting a search on their phone. (Google 2018)

Here are three ways we bring your company customer interaction.

Consumer Engagement: Connection between customer and an organization through various channels of correspondence. Here is how we bring you consumer engagement

  1. Inspirational content 
  2. Creative product and branding experience
  3. Engaging with customer during the experience
  4.  Providing excellence service
  5.  Providing an unique and fun experience

Brand Awareness: We bring a degree of a brand to the minds of targeted customers by the following:

  1. Videos and photos
  2. Hashtags
  3. Custom Backdrops
  4. Custom Template
  5. Custom Panel

Data Collection: The process of gathering and measuring information on variables of interest, in a established systematic fashion.

  1. Collect phone number
  2. Collect emails
  3. Data Analysis 
  4. GDPR compliance 

The Touch Imaging Booth brings not only a fun and unique experience, but it is the latest technology in collecting data information for marketing and retargeting your audience.

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