You Said "Yes" now what....

July 8, 2018

By Michelle Sheffield

Wow, here you are planning one of the biggest days in your life! From the moment you said yes, your world had completely changed. You are now in planning mode, from how you will tell family and friends you said "yes" to what will be last song to dance to on your wedding day.

. You are in a world that only a bride would understand.
Here are 5 quick tips to help you along the way: 

  • Enjoy the moment you said                                                                                                                           Yes" tell your story to anyone that wants to listen.

This is key to the process, because the moment you stop telling the story, you will become overwhelmed with wedding planning, and not the moment that made you the happiest woman in the world. 

  • Set A Budget
    Budget for your wedding, then budget within the budget, from the cost of your gown, to the photographer. What helps is to set a separate account for the wedding budget
  • Set a date
    Yes, set the date. The more time you have to plan the better. Venues are sometimes booked 2 years in advance for certain dates. May, June, and October are now the busiest wedding months. 
  • Use your family and friend for referrals

They are your network of information.  Your friend, niece was married last year and she had the most beautiful flowers, and the person she worked with was amazing, that who you want for your wedding day 

  • Pick your perfect dress
    This is the part of I love. The "Dress" the moment you put the "Dress" on it is true you do get that feeling. I always tell my brides to close their eyes and imagine your groom standing there waiting on you. If you can see yourself in the dress then that's the ONE! You get to say "yes to your Dress".

    Also, you may want to limit the amount of people seeing your dress.  Limit picture taking to one person you can truly trust that won't share the photos. Yes, its true that somehow someway the groom can see, the dress on someone's phone. You don't want that and at the end of the day you want people to be in awe when you walk down the aisle to your groom. 
  • Be unique
    There are many things to make your wedding a day special and unique to you.  Your guest will be talking about your wedding day the moment they leave until forever. You will forget some of the details and they will be able to tell you everything that happen that day.
    Finally, Enjoy every minute, after all is said and done this is the day you marry the love of your life.