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At first glance your customers will be forgiven for thinking this is just an ordinary full-length mirror, but once they step towards the Touch Imaging Booth, they will quickly realize it is so much more. With colorful animations, an engaging voiceover to guide them and a touchscreen to play with, users will love the posing and putting in front of the full-length interactive mirror photo technology.


If you’re looking for a way to grab your consumers’ attention at an event, or if you’re aiming for optimal consumer engagement, then a mosaic wall will provide you with the ultimate in brand interaction.

With A MJ Production Photo Mosaic your consumers can not only engage with your brand at any event, but can become part of that engagement.

Photo Mosaic creates a mosaic of an image or logo from photos that are taken at your event. The mosaic can take various forms: a physical board with printed photos attached, a digital version or a mixture of the two.

When it comes to your mosaic, the choice is infinite. From a company logo or product, to the face of a celebrity, you have a million images to choose  


Designed with portability and professionalism in mind, the A MJ Production Digi Booth is the perfect digital solution for smaller venues and events. Small in size it still packs a punch delivering maximum fun and picture-perfect selfies.

Consumer interaction is assured with the gorgeous ring of light that surrounds the photo interface and immediately draws your guests to the Digi Booth.

Brand awareness is also assured at your next brand activation or event

as the touchscreen interface, back of the faceplate and stand can all be fully branded with your company logo or event hashtag.

Data Analytics

In today’s analytic-obsessed world everyone wants to know about the level of engagement. How many guests engaged with your brand experience? How many shared your branded content? How many shared it to social media?

Well, we’re delighted to tell you that we can provide all of the analytics in a comprehensive report that will provide you with all that you’ll need to know for future use in marketing campaigns.

If you want to create brand awareness and build consumer engagement, let A MJ Production Mosaic help your company to become part of the bigger picture by introducing technology that’s on the wall.

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